Top Ten Colours to Decorate Your Home


Choosing what colour to decorate your walls is a tough choice. It says everything about your personality, are you bold, plain, subtle or eccentric. When people walk through your front door, the first thing you want them to notice is the colour of your walls. We’ve been busy looking through thousands of colours to find our favourite, ten, just for you.

10. RAL 3028 / Pure Red – The perfect colour to add some spice to your kitchen or to fancy-up your bathroom. This lavish red in full gloss is brilliant for a clean, vibrant look to certainly warm up the colour any room. Its eccentricity is its only downfall, tenth place is well deserved for this bright red.

9. Pantone 165 C – Orange is extroverted and enthusiastic, an inspiring colour. Those who like, tend to socialise more. If you really want your home to express who you are then, Pantone 185 C is an excellent colour to choose. Not too bright to make people judge you, but just orange enough so that people it up and notice. This orange could only make number nine on the list, as its purely for extroverts however, it shouldn’t be underestimated.

8. Pantone 7661 C – A great colour for going against the grain and standing out in the crowd. Maybe not all your walls, and likely to not be for everyone, however this purple offers a striking coating. Sure, to add spark to an otherwise fairly bland room. Also associated with luxury, it is one way to dramatically change the personality of your home. Unfortunately, this colour is rather bold and not for everyone, so it was only able to make it to number 8 on our list.

7. Pantone Cool Grey 10 C – A perfect colour to contrast that of dark furniture and to bring out the best of both; paint and décor. Brilliant at blending into the background and providing a pleasant backdrop for all uses of any rooms. Cool Grey is a restful colour, allowing eyes to glide around the room, leading to a pleasant experience within any room painted in the colour.

6. Happy Daze (Crown) – This light yellow is an excellent neutral tone that injects an air of excitement and zest into a room. Not bland but not too colourful either, Happy Daze offers a great balance, that is able to make a room feel, subtly, different to others. A colour that guests will notice.

5. Pantone 3265 C – This tropical turquoise provides a brilliant backdrop for any room. An excellent colour to change the dynamic of a room, adding a lush feeling to any room, this wonderful colour is sure to brighten up your home, making it even more unique.

4. Pantone 5483 C – this light blue is great for covering a small bedroom and bring life to whichever room you’re decorating. Pantone 5483 C is a great colour to match other neutral design themes. Not an eccentric colour either, so anyone looking to buy won’t be put off by this colour choice.

3. RAL 7044 / Silk Grey – A neutral tone, that can bring out the best of any room. This silk grey will give any room a subtle hint of luxury, whilst keeping the colour scheme low-key. Perfect for the kitchen but will work in almost any room. Number three on our list however, it could easily make it to a higher position on another list.

2. Brilliant White – aptly named, brilliant white offers a great background for the rest of the room to flaunt its magnificence. Neutral tone, that can easily be changed at any point should you want more colour in the room. Coming in close behind number one is, Brilliant White.

1. Living Coral – This gorgeous Pantone colour, was the pantone colour of the year in 2019 and you can see why. Living coral stands out, brilliantly, against white, yet it blends in so well. A great colour to make a statement and bring the right amount of energy into any room. The perfect colour to bring out your optimism and creative flair. This is why, living coral Is our number one colour to decorate your home with.

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