Selemix Direct Pro: A revolution in Coating Efficiency


Selemix Direct Pro Benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for a primer, therefore reducing the time spent painting.
  • Adheres directly to a wide range of surfaces which allows for superior flexibility of use.
  • Fast drying times, which increases production efficiency as well as reducing downtime. Selemix Direct Pro can also be cured at lower temperatures for shorter periods of time which reduces processing time along with an energy saving benefit.
  • Low VOC’s, to reduce emissions in addition to creating a healthier working environment.
  • High UV resistance, which makes direct pro suitable for warm weather environments.
  • Sag resistance, ensuring an excellent and consistent finish throughout.
  • C5M ISO Certified (C4M for High Gloss Finishes), therefore offering guaranteed corrosion protection for steel substrates.
  • Ancillary Flexibility – Users can employ Selemix Direct Pro with a wide range of application equipment.
  • Available in a range of gloss levels and colours, subsequently, allowing you to tailor the finish to your requirements.
  • Selemix Direct Pro Benefits

– Agricultural, Construction, Earthmoving
– Containers, Cabins, Generators, Storage Units
– Machinery
– Signage
– Metal Fabrication
– Barriers, doors, gates

1. The Science Behind Selemix Direct Pro:
At the heart of Selemix Direct Pro lies cutting-edge technology designed to ensure optimal performance. This innovative paint system incorporates a unique blend of high-quality resins, pigments, and additives, subsequently the result is a product with exceptional adhesion properties, excellent colour retention, and superb durability. Selemix Direct Pro stands out for its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications.

2. Increased production Efficiency:
Selemix Direct Pro stands as a game-changer in the coatings industry by significantly boosting production efficiency. This advanced paint system is designed with cutting-edge technology that streamlines the application process, by eliminating the need for a primer and reducing the drying times, resulting in faster project completion times. Additionally, the quick-drying properties of Selemix Direct Pro mean that multiple coats can be applied in quick succession, accelerating the overall painting process. By minimizing waiting periods between coats and eliminating the need for lengthy drying times, Selemix Direct Pro optimizes workflow and ensures that projects are completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional paint systems. As a result, businesses and painting professionals can take on more projects, meet tighter deadlines, and achieve enhanced productivity, making Selemix Direct Pro the go-to choice for those seeking a highly efficient coating solution.

4. Sustainable Solution:
As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the demand for eco-friendly products has grown exponentially. Therefore Selemix Direct Pro benefits from incorporating eco-conscious practices into its production. Direct pro’s low volatile organic compound (VOC) content ensures reduced emissions, in addition to creating a safer and healthier environment for both painters and inhabitants.

5. Versatility in Applications:
Selemix Direct Pro caters to a wide array of surfaces, including bare steel, Blasted Steel, galvanised, wood, and various plastics. Subsequently, Direct Pro’s remarkable adaptability allows it to be used in a diverse range of industrial settings and offer consistent performance across the board.

Selemix Direct Pro Substrates

6. Exceptional Protection:
One of the standout features of Selemix Direct Pro is its ability to provide long-lasting protection against various external threats. From weathering and UV rays to chemical spills and abrasions, this advanced paint system ensures that surfaces retain their beauty and integrity even in the face of adversity.


Surface Preparation Steel blast cleaned to SA 2.5 standard
Selemix Direct Pro 7-159 ISO 19244-6
7-155 – 7-158
Selemix Direct 7-155 - 7-158 ISO 12944-6

The Online Paint Shop is able to supply Selemix Direct Pro in all available gloss levels, as well as a wide range of colours, on a next day delivery. For more information please contact us or checkout the Selemix Direct Pro brochure.