Touch Up Powder Coating and Painted Products


Touch Up Paint and Aerosol Spray Paint in RAL, Pantone and British Standard colours are available to compliment online paint shop’s Powder Touch Up Pens. These are perfect to use for the repair of Powder Coated products in all colours.’s touch up and repair products can be customised to meet the requirements of your job. Whilst the powder touch up pen requires a capful of the original powder coating material, touch up paint and aerosol paint can be purchased and mixed in over 10,000 (250,000+ available offline) colours and a choice of four gloss levels.

If you’re not sure what product will work best for you, here’s some more brief information:

For use on powder coated items?

  • All of our touch up products can be used on powder coated items.

For use on painted items?

I want to touch up a Powder Coated item but don’t have any of the original powder?

  • You have two options. Firstly, you could try browsing our Small Batch range of powder coatings, where you can find 100’s of colours available to buy in as little as a 1kg pack. Secondly, our custom touch up paint can be matched to your required colour/gloss and used to repair a powder coated product.

The colour I want is not listed on your website?

  • No problem. There’s around another 250,000 available colours that you can buy – the online paint shop only lists the most popular 10,000! Get in touch with our customer service team to check your colour. If we don’t have it, we can probably get it formulated for you in 24hrs.

I don’t know what colour I need?

  • You’ll need a colour match. You can either try to pick a close match yourself using colour charts, or a sample will need to sent away for matching. This can take up to a week.

How soon can I get my touch up products?

  • Order before 1pm for next day delivery (exclusions apply).

If you would like any more information or have any questions regarding our range of touch up products, please contact our customer service team on 01536 454018.