Enhanced Performance 2K Aerosol Spray Paint – Now Available


onlinepaintshop.co.uk are delighted to offer a brand new range of enhanced performance 2 component (2K) aerosols, available custom tinted in a huge range of colour and gloss.

2K spray cans are the latest advancement in paint technology, they offer outstanding properties including rapid drying, high gloss and simplicity of use. Excellent protection is provided against harsh weather conditions & atmospheric pollution.

This product comes complete with curing agent and solvent built into the can, giving a hard wearing and smooth finish. Offering more colour and gloss retention than a standard, single pack (1K) spray can.

To release the curing agents (also known as hardener/activator) into the can, simply remove the plunger from the can lid, place it over the nozzle at the bottom of the can and press firmly. Shake for 2 minutes and then you’re ready to spray.

For professional use only – please remember to wear the correct PPE when using this product.

From £11.50 – Buy Now